Internationalization of SMEs

P.P.U.H. "Stefik" is the beneficiary of the Eastern Poland Operational Program (measure 1.2 "Internationalization of SMEs"). In recent years, the company has strengthened its status as a company specializing in the production of beans and peas and distribution of products abroad.

As part of the project, Stefik undertook the following tasks for each of the target markets:

  • Conducted in-depth market research
  • Prepared to build service channels for the formal and legal environment and established distribution channels
  • Performed pre-certification audit and certification
  • Conducted an advertising campaign (it created a transparent modern website, produced its own advertising gadgets, created a promotional film)
  • Introduced design projects of product packaging in accordance with the formal and legal requirements of target markets for new unified and more modern ones
  • Participated as an exhibitor in thematic fairs such as Gulfood 2018 in UAE, Africa's Big 7 2018 in South Africa, SIAL Paris 2018 in France
  • Conducted B2B meetings with contractors on the target market and established contacts with wholesalers, distributors and representatives of the chain of foreign stores

As part of the Internationalization project, the Stefik Company has achieved the following goals:

  • Achieving a high status of a company specializing in the production of beans and peas on the market
  • Increase sales through the acquisition of new distributors
  • Expanding its operations to include the UAE, South Africa and France
  • Conducting sales activities on the UAE, South Africa and France markets
  • Entering markets with high demand for beans and peas
  • Building brand awareness in target markets

Entering the target markets allowed Stefik to increase the company's sales level and increase the company's competitiveness level.

Total value of the project: 553 131,00 PLN

Co-financing value from the European Regional Development Fund: 359 760,00 PLN